Hello! Let me introduce myself...  

I'm Christine Jurisich: A Catholic woman, wife, mom of two teenagers, author, retreat facilitator, foundress of Retreat, Reflect, Renew, and usually the party planner for family, friends, and neighbors. 

But do you want to know who I REALLY am?

A reporter who was called out to a story much bigger than the one I had planned. 

That's right. For more than ten years I was a TV anchor and reporter, living the dream I imagined and wrote about in my fifth grade journal. Telling stories through pictures and words was my passion. My whole body buzzed with excitement when I uncovered something interesting to share. I had my whole life planned out and reporting was a central part of that plan.

I write about the day my plans and God's plans collided in my personal retreat but here's the quick fast forward: When I quit my dream job to become a stay at home mom, I became lost and depressed. In my mind, being busy (and having an impressive title) meant being worthy so I quickly found a million things to become involved with to feel good about myself. The result? A way out of balanced life for me and my family. 

I needed balance. I needed a deeper faith. I needed peace. Now I see, I mostly needed to accept all that I am and all that I'm not and know I AM ENOUGH in the eyes of God. Thankfully, I found a national spiritual growth ministry called the Ministry of Mothers Sharing (which has evolved into Within Ministries) which set me on that path and... please forgive the cliche... it changed my life. 

So how did I respond to this more balanced and faith-filled way of life? The only way I know how: by sharing the news! I dusted off my reporter's notebook and started reporting on this story. I interviewed priests, nuns, spiritual directors, retreat directors, a psychologist, family therapists, and several women engaged on the spiritual growth process and developed a personal retreat - Retreat, Reflect, Renew: A Sacred Journal for A More Peaceful You - and then founded this retreat ministry, Retreat, Reflect, Renew.

Now, I have that excited feeling I used to get right before going on the air.

My life is far from perfect - I still wrestle with my insecurities, fears, hopes, and dreams - but I can tell you it is definitely much more peaceful, joyful, and meaningful since I began making my faith the center of my life. Now, the reporter in me can't help but get excited to share these spiritual growth concepts with you. 

I'm truly a reporter who was called out to a story I never expected and I thank God everyday for that. What about you? Would you like to explore your story? Do you see your story evolving in ways you didn't expect? I invite you to join the journey today by starting with my personal retreat. I'd love to share it with you. Come. Let's walk this journey towards a deeper faith together. This is the best top story around.

Christine Jurisich Biography 

For over ten years, Christine was mentored by the Sisters of St. Benedict at St. Paul's Monastery in Minnesota while working for the personal and spiritual growth ministry, Ministry of Mothers Sharing. She worked as a national leadership and facilitator trainer, writer, and group facilitator and co-created and developed a successful national retreat series. Eight years ago, she and a team of women created a local retreat series within the Diocese of Sacramento called Retreat, Reflect, Renew, which became the inspiration behind her book, Retreat, Reflect, Renew: A Sacred Journal for A More Peaceful You. 

Christine is a retreat facilitator for Mercy Center Auburn Retreat Center and staff facilitator for Mercy Burlingame's Sacred Journey program and in formation to become a spiritual director and Mercy Associate. Her experience in pastoral ministry includes serving on the pastoral council, serving as Stewardship chair, and creating, chairing, and participating in many ministries and faith sharing groups. She has been active in her kids' elementary and high school Catholic schools and lives in Sacramento, California with her husband and two kids. 

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