Let's start a trend.

So many people are busy these days. Just ask them.

Ask anyone how they're doing and the response will probably be, "I'm so busy!" It's like a badge of honor. Proof that they're living an important life. 

Okay... I admit I'm guilty of this as well but I want to stop this habit and start a new trend this year. Will you help me? 

Let's make it cool to not be busy. Let's make it cool to talk about the retreat we just attended. Let's make it cool to talk about the time we spent (even if it's two minutes!) nurturing ourselves and our spirituality: taking deep breaths, enjoying the silence, or saying a quiet prayer. 

Next time someone asks, "How are you doing?", find something (even if you have to dig deep) that shows your effort towards living a more balanced life. Something like, "I'm doing well. I took a great walk this weekend and I feel refreshed this week." Or, "Great. I feel peaceful. I got into work early today so I could spend a few moments enjoying the quiet."

Stopping the "I'm so busy" response is important for two reasons.

  1. If you know you have to start giving a more positive answer, you'll start looking for ways to add small moments of renewal throughout your day so you have something to say.
  2. You'll be reminding (and giving permission) to the person who asked you to stop and take a moment for herself.

Together, with just one positive sentence, we can make 2017 the year of renewal for ourselves and the people around us. Are you with me? 


Be honest (I'm not judging. I'm working on this too!) Do you ever find yourself saying, "I'm so busy!" as a badge of honor? Is it hard to admit when you have a slow day? Are you ready to give yourself permission to have a slow day and nurture yourself and your spirituality?