I'm listening God.

Sometimes I wonder if God called me to be a retreat facilitator because I have so much to learn and God knew that was the only way to make me stop and listen. We just had a beautiful day retreat on courage last Saturday and we're well into the online retreat and I'm feeling so incredibly humbled. Okay, God, I'm listening!

What did I learn from my courage journey? That "Courage for the Call" - courage to follow the path you believe God is calling you to is such a humbling place to be. 

I'm humbled by the stories women shared with me - during the retreat and in the months prior as I interviewed some to help me write the retreats. Stories of pain and fear and disappointment turned into surrender and trust in God's strength. Women who don't believe they're courageous, yet show such compassion and trust at the core of their being. Courage truly is about surrender and humility. God, I'm listening. Help me grow in compassion when I'm in the middle of sadness. 

I'm humbled once again by my favorite scripture verse, "Be Still and Know that I am God." Sometimes being courageous means being still. It means doing something totally counter-cultural: nothing! Sometimes your call to courage is all about surviving moment to moment and knowing that's the best you can do and all God is asking of you. God, I'm listening. Help me stop the running when I want to escape my fears. Help me be still and know you're right here with me in the stillness. 

I'm humbled by the depth of St. Benedict's definition of humility: The call to live a rhythm of life grounded in the recognition that God is God and I am who I am - nothing more - and more importantly - nothing less. I am a small but precious part of the universe. This changes my perspective on everything. I'm no longer entitled to a life that works out exactly how I planned it. I need to accept my imperfections and accept the imperfections of others. God, I'm listening. Help me be okay with myself when I fall down and make mistakes. 

God, once again you bring me to my knees. More listening. More lessons. More surrender. I'm listening God. Thank you for the journey. 

Any lessons in courage you've received during your journey to courage? It doesn't have to be from my retreat. I'd love to hear what helps you to be more courageous.