Your Word, Your Mission

Honest… Authentic… Prayerful… what do you want to be?

It’s a new year and with that comes the question everyone asks, “What’s your new year’s resolution?” This year, instead of writing a list of promises, how about choosing one word as your focus for the year? Find a word that keeps you focused on how you want to live your life. Commit to one word that helps you grow closer to the person God created you to be.

Don’t know your word?

You may know immediately what your word of the year should be. If you have no idea, I've put together a list of prompts below to help you reflect on what brings you joy and what drains your spirit. If you go through these questions you may see if there are habits, behaviors or rituals from the past that you miss and want to begin again. Or you may find it's time to let go of some things. 

Allow for a word that speaks to your ‘being’

I’m choosing the word “gentle” as my focus for the year. As I grow deeper into the reality of the loss of my son, Peter, over the summer, I know this year I will be focused on the work of grieving. I want to remember the word “gentle” throughout this time. When I get frustrated at my low energy level or overwhelmed with emotion, I’ll remember I’ve promised to be gentle with myself. When I’m making choices over where to spend my time and energy, one of my discernment questions will be, “Does this feel gentle?” Maybe this is a time in your life where you feel called to have a word like “gentle” that speaks to your ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. Or maybe it’s your season to get out there and take some bold steps. Here’s a list of prompts to help you reflect.

Discern your word

Reflect on the following prompts to help you discern your word of the year.

What makes me feel fully alive?

What brings me joy?

What causes resentment?

What drains my energy?

What positive word described me as a child?

Am I still in touch with that word?

What is missing in my life?

What will I regret not doing or being in my life?

What helps me feel or sense a connection with God?

What is the one thing in which I’m being too critical of myself?

Give yourself time

You don’t have to think of your word right now! Give yourself some time with this. Spend some quiet time journaling, listening to music, looking at an inspirational picture, or simply sitting in silence. Let the word come to you slowly so you can hear the word God is drawing you to at this time in your life. May you allow yourself the time and space to hear the quiet, still voice of God speaking to your true self deep within your heart and soul.

Share your word

Please share your word with me or let me know what you think about dedicating yourself to simply one word this year. I love hearing from you.

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