A Moment of Peace

A DVD Retreat & Handbook

Ever have one of those days? You want to cry out to God, "I just need a moment of peace!" If so, you'll appreciate this retreat, which empowers you to explore the beauty and hope that can be found when you cooperate with God's grace.  

Enjoy this retreat in your own way and at your own pace. You can take it all by yourself or share it with a group. You can watch and reflect in one sitting or over the course of four weeks.  

Facilitator Christine Jurisich will lead you through four sessions and direct you to pause at the end of each session to fill out reflection questions from the handbook. Each session contains:

  1. About ten minutes of Christine presenting practical themes, heartfelt reflections, music, and a suggested daily practice tip.

  2. A breakout session for reflection time with questions from the handbook.  

  3. A time to share if experiencing the retreat with a group. 

The DVD & Handbook is a $40 value. Receive for free when you buy 5 journals during our Christmas promotion.