Life Transitions: Finding God in the Center of the Unknown 

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Week One Monday - Be Open

Week One: Wednesday - Be Patient

 Week One: Friday - Be Honest


Week Two: Monday - Time to Let Go 

Week Two: Wednesday - Time to Ask Questions

Week Two: Friday - Time for New Life


Week Three: Monday - Find God in the Rhythm of Your Day

Week Three: Wednesday - Find God in the People Around You

Week Three: Friday - Find God in the Mystery


Week Four: Monday - The Choice to Accept

Week Four: Wednesday - The Choice to Be Engaged

Week Four: Friday - The Choice to Move Forward


Your companions on the journey. 


Retreat, Reflect, Renew Board Member Polly Zywiec will be facilitating the retreat through listening and providing support and encouragement. She's an experienced faith-sharing group facilitator and was trained in peer facilitating by the Sisters of St. Benedict at St. Paul's Monastery in Minnesota. 

Retreat, Reflect, Renew Foundress Christine Jurisich is the author of this retreat. She's also the author of Retreat, Reflect, Renew: A Sacred Journal for A More Peaceful You. Christine won't be facilitating but is close by in case you have questions or comments. 


Sharing is a special part of the online retreat. It's a helpful way to own your feelings, feel support, and help others feel they're not alone in their transition. We care about providing a safe and sacred space for you. Please read the online group pledge so we can all work to create a loving sharing environment. 

Online Group Pledge. 

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Walk your journey at your own pace 

The week's worth of reflections will be posted each Sunday night. 

Please feel free to walk this journey at your own pace. The online retreat will be left open for two months afterwards if you need time to catch up. Please note that while we encourage you to take the retreat at your own pace, facilitators may only comment within the current week that the retreat reflections are posted. 

Spiritual Direction 

If you find yourself wanting to go deeper into hearing and understanding how God is working in your life, you may want to consider spiritual direction. A retreat center is a good place to find one. Mercy Center Auburn, the retreat center where I facilitate my day retreats, describes spiritual direction as follows: 

Spiritual Direction is a time to reflect on your prayer life and to nurture your relationship with God. Spiritual Direction helps the person who is seeking a deeper relationship with God to notice the presence of God in the various events, relationships and structures of one's life. The Spiritual Director, as a companion, listens and is attentive to the spiritual life and journey of the directee, seeking always to enhance and deepen the relationship between God and the directee. The relationship of spiritual direction is sacred, safe and strictly confidential.
For more information, visit Spiritual Directors International. 

Book References 

I reflected a lot with the top two suggestions in my preparation for this retreat. The rest of the books I either looked through a little or not at all but I thought you may appreciate them. They are not all Christian books, but I believe we can find important tools that help us live more Christ-centered lives from secular books and that's why I include them here. 

The last book is my book, which I took material from for this retreat. The book is the same tone as this online retreat - a come-as-you-are, step-by-step journal that will guide you through the process of slowing down, looking at how you're living your life, help with making healthy choices, ways to integrate your faith into your daily life, and reflections on your relationship with yourself and with God. It's a good journal to go through if you plan on taking the next online retreat in March. 

The Way of Transition: Embracing life's most difficult moments by William Bridges

Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the two halves of life by Richard Rohr

For Everything There is a Season (A commentary on Ecclesiastes 3:1-8) by Alice Camille 

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown 

The Book of Forgiving by Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu 

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. 

The Road to Character by David Brooks 

Retreat, Reflect, Renew: A Sacred Journal for A More Peaceful You by Christine Jurisich Click here to purchase. 




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Life Transitions: Finding God in the Center of the Unknown

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