Isn't time to take a personal retreat?

The Retreat, Reflect, Renew journal invites you to step away from the loudness of the world in quiet 15-20 minute increments. Each page provides a safe and sacred space to open your heart, grow in self acceptance and discover your authentic self as a means of growing closer to God's love and strength. The beautiful prayers, scripture verses and reflection questions will help you learn how to draw on God's comfort in the most ordinary moments of your day. 

To listen to yourself? 

Do you hear a faint sort of nudging from within, quietly whispering, "there must be more"?  More meaning. More hope. More peace. Or maybe you're wrestling with a loud cry calling out for less! Less stress. Less uncertainty. Less isolation. If this sounds like you, I invite you to take a personal retreat with Retreat, Reflect, Renew: A Sacred Journal for A More Peaceful You.

To reflect on your life? 

"Just trust God," your friends say. If you're suffering from a broken relationship, stressed out over money problems, or feeling overwhelmed with a busy schedule, you know that "just trusting God" is not easy. The path to trust and peace requires time to reflect on your life: your expectations, your schedule, and your relationship with yourself, others, and God. The Retreat, Reflect, Renew journal is designed to give you the personal retreat time necessary to do that. 

To find your peace? 

A faith journey is not a one size fits all. You will come with your own story and that should be honored. Author Christine Jurisich spent three years in prayer and consultation with spiritual directors, retreat directors, family therapists, a psychologist, priests, nuns, and women engaged in a spiritual journey to develop a process that allows you to feel accepted wherever you're at on your journey and empowered to grow at your own pace and in your own way.

Yes, it's time and yes you've found the right place. Welcome home. 

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That's how I want you to feel when you start the very first page of my personal retreat journal. Like you're on the couch in your comfy sweats with a safe friend welcoming you home. You'll appreciate this personal retreat if you're a Catholic woman looking for a welcoming, loving, and non-judgmental approach to finding a more faith filled life or if you're a Christian sister who appreciates a holistic path to spirituality. I'm Catholic and I draw from the richness and beauty of Christ-centered spirituality. This book is intended to be a place where all of us Christians can meet in our journey towards a more balanced and faith filled life. I hope you'll appreciate my honest stories and approach that'll make you feel like you've finally found your home. 


Start a personal retreat that'll fill your soul and fit your schedule today. 


Here's what women are saying... 

Christine has the ability to invite you to relish your God-given beauty and give voice to your deeper desires for peace, hope, and joy.
— Sr. Paula Hagen, Prioress, Sisters of St. Benedict
When I started this journal I was in a state of frustration and confusion. Now I am more optimistic, prayerful, and grateful for all that I have. I now know what it feels like to be in the NOW with God. This Retreat, Reflect, Renew journey has been a blessing for me!
— Deborah F.
Initially, I was hesitant about the journaling; but I found that by completing the reflection questions, I was able to learn more about myself, as well as hear God’s words to me. I feel so much more connected to God, and now I truly know what it means to “let go” and put my trust in Christ.
— Rita P.
I have enjoyed your journal not once, not twice but three times! And I still use it in my prayer time. I highly recommend it for group and private reading.
— Betty M.
If you’re interested in becoming your true self - the person God wants you to be - Christine points out the way to travel.
— Michael Cormack, Pastor Emeritus, St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, Roseville, California

Start a personal retreat that'll fill your soul and fit your schedule today. 

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