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A two or three hour Advent retreat you can bring to your church

or group of friends.

Tired of the stress and exhaustion that comes with the holidays? Wishing you could enjoy the Advent season more this year? Let us help you sort through your expectations and values during the season, find ways to make room for meaningful moments, and choose one “YES” and one “NO” that will help you experience a more Christ-centered Advent season and revive your Christmas spirit.

Darlene Carlson, our online retreat facilitator, will lead this retreat for your church, organization, or group of friends. For more information on availability and fees, email Darlene.

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Darlene Carlson is our online retreat facilitator. She’s led numerous faith sharing and prayer groups for the past twelve years, and has over 22 years experience as a catechist for the Sacramento Diocese and taught in Catholic schools for 15 years. She’s currently in formation to be a spiritual director with The Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation.

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The following retreats are 6-hour retreats Retreat, Reflect, Renew foundress Christine Jurisich will bring to your church or organization. Learn more about Christine here.

Email her about availability and fees.


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Your Balance, Your Peace

Finding contentment in the rhythm of your life

"Love God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind and love your neighbor as yourself." This is our inspiration for a balanced life. Not a perfect balance, not the balance you see on TV or the movies, nor the balance someone else has. This is about finding your balance and your rhythm that is grounded in how God is calling you to live a more loving, peaceful, grace-filled life. Enjoy a day filled with prayer, music, quiet time, sharing and reflecting on how to find the rhythm of your life.  


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Grace and Gratitude

Creating a grateful heart that believes, I have enough, I do enough, I am enough

Feeling challenged by a restless heart? Longing for a sense of contentment and peace? Join us as we reflect on how to create a grateful heart. Through reflection, sharing, music, and quiet time, you'll explore what drives your restless spirit, what gives you a sense of peace and contentment, and how you can be more open to the beauty of God's grace in the most ordinary of moments. Give yourself a day to relax and enjoy and be open to a warm and welcoming environment of reflection and sharing



What if you began to say YES!

A look at the many ways God speaks to us and our call to respond

Every day is a gift from God and an invitation to respond to God with a resounding "yes!" Do you feel as if there is a "yes" inside of you waiting to be unleashed? Or maybe a gentle nudge from within telling you there is more out there to learn about, grow into, and embrace? 
Join us for a special day of reflection, sharing, and prayer designed to help you learn more about the art of discernment. Learn to listen to the voice inside of you and make a discernment plan. It is easy to say "no". What could happen if you began to say "yes"?    



Courage for the Call

An invitation to freedom through trust and surrender

God's everyday invitation calls you to joy, peace, and a stronger connection with the Divine. Sometimes that call can feel scary. Am I worthy? Will I get hurt? What will I have to let go? But within that call is the grace to respond when you embrace your vulnerability and allow yourself to surrender into the merciful arms of God. Come find your courage in all that you already are and all that you don't have to be if you place your trust in God's hands.


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Life Transitions

Finding God in the Center of the Unknown 

Transitions are a common part of life. Sometimes they are welcome and sometimes they're not. Are you experiencing a transition in your life? Maybe there are dramatic changes happening all around you or maybe you're sensing a subtle change from within you. Regardless of what you're experiencing, it's important to give yourself the sacred time and space to honor it, reflect on it and discover new life from it.

The True Self 

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The Journey Within

Finding Yourself in God's Endless Love 

Who am I? Why am I here? If you're holding these questions deep in your heart, come bring them into our sacred space where we will reflect, pray, and share them in a way that can help you feel 'called by name'. The answers to these questions life in the life-long journey of discovering your authentic self and discovering God. With a special mix of personal reflection and small group sharing we hope to empower that journey for you with an appreciation of all that you already are and inspiration for all you still can be, no matter your age or stage in life.  

Ministry Leader Retreats 

The following are three-hour retreats Christine has facilitated for ministry leaders, Catholic school teachers, and Religious Education teachers. Any of these can be custom made to fit the needs of your group. 


New Year, New Family

"A family is our first community and the most basic way in which the Lord gathers us, forms us, and calls us to act in the world," according to Pope John Paul II in FAMILIARIS CONSORTIO. This retreat is about thinking of a school staff in that same way. The more a faculty feels connected as a family, the more the school community will be inspired to do the same. In this retreat we will: 

1. Reflect on the image of a faculty family. 
2. Be inspired to remember that each member of the family is a special gift to the family.
3. Create a set of family values for the new school year. 


Renew Your Call to Ministry

Being a teacher for a Catholic school is a special and different kind of job than being a teacher anywhere else. A Catholic school is a ministry and as teachers you are ministers of the church, which makes it important to continually find ways to renew your spirit. In this retreat we will: 
1. Reflect on your call to Catholic school ministry.
2. Ask, "What gets in the way of living out your call? 
3. Be inspired with a healthy sense of ministry.
4. Create a set of values to live up to for the school year. 


God Loves a Cheerful giver

As you get ready to start a new year, you may be a little worried - "How will I have time to be prepared for every class? Did I really sign up for one more thing?! Am I worthy enough to be doing this? Is everything going to go smoothly?  Did I miss any other questions??
Even though we're in ministry, it's easy to get distracted from the calling and let all the other stuff get in the way of giving your whole self with all the time and talent you have and to give cheerfully. 


Come back to the well

Being a ministry leader is like no other profession. Every moment of every day you have the honor and pressure of shaping the hearts and souls of those around you to love Jesus. Are you finding ways to nurture your own faith in order to show the face of a loving God that inspires the students or people you interact with everyday? This workshop will give you some time for renewal and inspire you to find new ways to grow in faith. 


 Contact Christine for more information about availability and fees.