Summer Online Retreat




Cost: $40 

There are times in life when you find yourself asking, Who am I? Why am I here? How can I find more meaning in my life? If you're holding these questions deep in your heart and not sure what to do with them, you'll appreciate this retreat which is about growing closer to your true self and closer to God. 

Explore your images of God and reflect on what gets in the way of experiencing a more intimate and trusting relationship with God. Appreciate all that you are and be inspired to grow into all that you still can be, no matter your age or stage in life.  


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"Love God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind and love your neighbor as yourself." This is our inspiration for a balanced life. Not a perfect balance, not the balance you see on TV or the movies, nor the balance someone else has. This is about finding your balance and your rhythm that is grounded in how God is calling you to live a more loving, peaceful, grace-filled life. Explore the beauty of imperfection, worries versus concerns, boundaries and healthy choice-making for a more balanced, intentional way of living.

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Retreat is $30 until August 27th. (Regularly $40)

Retreat scholarships available by emailing Christine. 

How does an online retreat work? 

You'll receive an email reflection every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. Each email will have a reflection and chance to share with others in a supportive and encouraging environment. The retreat is self-paced and lasts four weeks. 

Do you have to be tech-savvy?  

We've had participants of all ages and tech abilities and most have found it to be easy to participate. If you feel comfortable opening an email and clicking on a link, you'll feel comfortable with the online retreat. We're always available for immediate help. 

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I'm Busy. How much time will it take? 

You'll receive three emails a week and you can expect about 20-30 minutes of reflection and sharing time per email. The beauty of an online retreat is that you can reflect and share online whenever it's convenient for you: in your pajamas at 5 AM, on your phone during your lunch hour, or with your iPad while lying on the couch late at night. You can spread it out and reflect a little each day or save it all up for a special time on the weekend. It's all about convenience. It is self-paced and we keep it open for two weeks afterwards so you can catch up in case life gets busy. 

Is the online retreat different than the day retreat? 

Yes. The six-hour day retreats are on the same theme but they are presented differently. The big picture concepts will be the same but they will be explored in different ways and with different material. The beauty of an online retreat is that you're given four weeks to allow the concepts to build on one another and really take root and grow in a deeper way. The beauty of the day retreat is the opportunity to experience the concepts in a more experiential way - in your mind, body, and soul - through prayer, music, meditating with the scripture, and sharing. Both options are beautiful and unique in their own way. If you decide to register for both, you won't feel like you're experiencing the same retreat twice. 

Listen to what past online retreat participants have to say... 

I had never participated in a retreat before, so I thought an online retreat would be a good way to start a personal spiritual journey in a very non-threatening way. I loved it as it has opened my heart to new beginnings of courage and trust in God’s strength for me.
— Diane. S.
I’ve been really busy so even though I’ve loved all of your past online retreats I didn’t know if I should sign up for this one. I’m so glad I did! I took time to nurture my spiritual self, gained a better understanding of discernment, and learned practical tools to carry forward. Thank you!
— Cathy P.
Thank you! I went into the retreat feeling down in the dumps - tired and depressed - but even though I was squeezing it into the day, it was enough time to slow down, pray, and reflect. It really helped me feel more grateful and it lifted my spirits.
— Debbie J.
I hesitated to sign up because I’m a senior citizen and I felt intimidated doing the retreat on the computer. When I finally decided to sign up, I was surprised how easy it was for me to participate. I was especially excited when I didn’t even have to ask my husband for help in using the computer because it was so people friendly. I even gained more self confidence in my computer skills. If I could do it then anyone can.
— Vicki F.
Thank you both for a most wonderful online retreat! I so looked forward to my three days a week (and in between!) “visiting” with you and renewing my spirit! It was a wonderful experience for me! You girls are doing great work spreading The Word!! For every moment you have spent developing this retreat, it is very appreciated! Love and prayer coming your way every day!
— Eileen T.

SAVE $10 with Coupon Code: EARLYBIRD

Retreat is $30 until August 27th. (Regularly $40)

Partial scholarship available by emailing Christine.